Introducing… The BRAINCHILDREN

For Graduate Critique, we were given an assignment to make a media representation of our creative praxis. I was struggling a bit as the only non-fine arts student in the class, so I went with what I’m good at- stories. I decided to take this opportunity to teach myself a new skill, and jumped into After Effects feet first.

I was originally planning to narrate a voice over to be included in the video, but that wasn’t ready for when I presented to my cohort, so I performed the narration live instead. My cohort seemed to think the live performance was more compelling than if I had made the voice over a part of the video, so I may not add it after all. The accompanying text is below the video.

BRAINCHILDREN from Jinnie Templin on Vimeo.

The story:
From the deep, dark neural passages of the inner brain come…
The Brainchildren!
Brainchildren come from imaginations on the move.
Brainchildren absorb from your memory bank – searching for anything they can find that may be the key to the greatest success of all — becoming.
Brainchildren are designed for creating.
The Brainchildren are constantly trying to find the balance between emotion and logic; playfulness and utility; and reality and fantasy.
Brainchildren are exploratory in nature. They are known to persevere despite constant obstacles.
Not all brainchildren make it out alive. Only the strongest survive to go forth and conquer the world.
The recipe is never the same. The possibilities are endless. With great power comes great responsibility. Brainchildren.

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