IoT Process – Week 9

I’m working on trying to get my Spark Core to record the time to a Google Spreadsheet at the beginning and end of each “play period” (starts when the user has removed the toy from its dock, and ends when the toy is replaced on the dock). I’m working with this logic chart:

WorkToy Logic Chart

There is a Temboo library for Spark Core, but the example Google Spreadsheet application they provide with the library throws a bunch of errors when I try to compile it in the Spark Web IDE. I posted to the Spark Forum to see if anyone had any suggestions for what I may be missing, but haven’t gotten any conclusive responses yet. I was trying to follow this tutorial, but that hasn’t gotten me anywhere either.

Now, I’m exploring other options for saving or recording the data to a more generic xml or JSON file, but instructions for how to do this seem exceedingly difficult to track down in the Spark Core documentation.


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