HAB LIBS is an application developed in Processing 2.0, based off of the popular word game MAD LIBS. Instead of filling in the blanks to funny MAD LIBS stories, users of HAB LIBS fill in the blanks to common e-mail templates such as, “Let’s set up a time to meet” and “Thank you for your inquiry.” When users tap a conductive play dough sculpture onto workMat’s button, the cursor tabs through the HAB LIBS text boxes to fill in the blanks. After filling in the blanks and hitting the “Draft it!” button, the email is saved to the user’s draft folder in their email account. Players also have the opportunity to update their responses after seeing the drafted email. The draft is updated when the user presses the “Update it” button.



HAB LIBS can easily be personalized to fit your own email needs. You can download HAB LIBS from github. Here are some suggestions for how you can make HAB LIBS your own!

Add your own templates to HAB LIBS

  • Download the HAB LIBS source file from the github repository and review the README.
  •  In the “gui” tab, change the declaration of the variable textValue in the showDraft and and draftbutton functions of the HAB LIBS template you wish to revise

Make your own GUI

  • Download and Install the G4P GUI Builder Tool, a visual GUI builder for Processing. NOTE: be sure to install the correct version of the tool to work with the version of Processing you have. In my experience, the tool does not work with Processing 3.0.
  • Use the HAB LIBS source code in the HAB LIBS github repository as a guide to help restructure the GUI you’ve designed for HAB LIBS.

Program HAB LIBS in another language

  • Translate the logic from the HAB LIBS Processing sketch application to another programming language for use with your media of choice.