fortDesk is a workspace reimagined. A desktop at standing height caters to growing health concerns about prolonged periods sitting. fortDesk was designed to infuse playfulness into the modern workspace. Objects on fortDesk’s desktop cater to the digitally inclined modern worker, as well as the those who prefer to work in the physical world. fortDesk is on wheels so it is a transportable workspace. This mobility allows workers to change their environment at their own discretion, providing workers with more space and freedom to explore. fortDesk is no ordinary desk. In addition to its modernly equipped, standing height desktop, fortDesk can be used as a fort.

Sometimes (probably more often than we’d like to admit) work is hard, and those moments may have induced thoughts along the lines of “if only I could crawl under my desk so no one could see me…” Now you can! Take your work to a new level – literally!  fortDesk’s underbelly is equipped with its own lighting, as well as shelving, and a magnetic hook board that’s perfect for tinkering.

While fortDesk is shown for a one person set-up, fortDesk’s modular, customizable design can easily transform to accommodate multiple workers.

fortDesk is made from the following materials, including but not limited to: black iron pipes and pipe connectors, a cheap wooden table top from IKEA, single track shelf brackets, zip ties, acrylic, cork board, aluminum foil, hardware cloth, upcycled desktop trinkets, magnets, LED strips, Quirky Flexible Powerstrip, pvc pipe, casters, and various hardware.

playful problem solving
idea generation/invention