digital TOY(L) box

The digital TOY(L) box is a series of open source TOY(L) prototypes that aim to act as conversation starters between and within individuals to help them reframe their thoughts about work. The TOY(L)S in the digital TOY(L) box are both a comment on modern workplace experiences and a way to break up the daily grind. Consider them an introduction, a teaser, if you will, to what modern workplaces could be like if we spent a little more time focusing on worker well-being.


The digital TOY(L) box questions the way we work while providing alternative, tangible, functional solutions to the status quo. By inviting interaction, the TOY(L)S act as a catalyst for conversation, playfully asking questions about why we think about work and play in the ways that we do. By approaching these questions playfully, the digital TOY(L) box encourages workers to reflect on their personal experiences of work. Posing these questions with functional physical objects helps workers project their own work experiences and playful behavior into various work tasks, ultimately proving that work and play can be woven together harmoniously.

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Want to make your own TOY(L)S? Check out the DIY section of each project page for suggested materials and basic how-tos. Example code can be downloaded from github. If you run into any questions or want to share your experience, use the form on the Connect page to get in touch!