Brainchildren is a video animation created using Adobe Premiere and Adobe Illustrator. Created as a narrative expression of Jinnie’s creative praxis for Graduate Critique, Brainchildren is an pioneer exploration into the narrative possibilities of animation software Adobe Premiere.


Jinnie is working on a series of spin-off narrative videos using the Brainchild character as a vehicle for understanding how to better foster playful creativity that spurs innovative idea generation.


You can read more about Brainchildren  here.


Originally performed with live narration:

“From the deep, dark neural passages of the inner brain come… The Brainchildren!
Brainchildren come from imaginations on the move.
Brainchildren absorb from your memory bank – searching for anything they can find that may be the key to the greatest success of all — becoming.
Brainchildren are designed for creating.
The Brainchildren are constantly trying to find the balance between emotion and logic; playfulness and utility; and reality and fantasy.
Brainchildren are exploratory in nature. They are known to persevere despite constant obstacles.
Not all brainchildren make it out alive. Only the strongest survive to go forth and conquer the world.
The recipe is never the same. The possibilities are endless. With great power comes great responsibility. Brainchildren.”